Frequently asked questions

What is Lingofy?

Lingofy is an advanced server-based text proofing system that can check for spelling, style, word usage and proper names. The system’s dictionary is highly customizable, so users can add new words and phrases that pertain to the subjects about which they write.

Who should use Lingofy?

Lingofy is for anyone that wants their content to be free of errors.

Is Lingofy available to everyone?

Lingofy is currently in a beta and is available to all Windows and Mac (OS X 10.7 and newer) users.

Why is Lingofy being released as a beta product?

Lingofy is a revolutionary new solution built on mature technology. The engine that powers Lingofy has been used for nearly 20 years in enterprise publishing environments. Lingofy marks the debut of this technology for individual users. We’re using the beta period to ensure a smooth adaptation of the technology.

Launching in beta gives us control over three key variables:

  • The number of users accessing the system
  • The operating system from which the users are accessing the system
  • The behavior of Lingofy within each supported browser.

During the beta period, we will be very closely monitoring and measuring server performance and user experience within the defined variables.

Who can be a part of the Beta?

The beta is now open all Windows and Mac (OS X 10.7 and newer) users.

I want to participate in the beta. What are my next steps?

Click here to join the beta program.

What applications can I use Lingofy in?

During the beta period, Lingofy can be used in forms-based text editors in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

What about Google Docs or Microsoft Office for Web?

We do not yet support Google Docs or Microsoft Office for Web. But we will soon. Stay tuned.

How can I add my own names, words and phrases to the dictionary I am using?

You can add your own names, words or phrases to your web-based personal style guide. You can also add “unknown” words identified in the Lingofy client by selecting “add to my dictionary.”  You can access your personal style guide at Any words added and any edits made in your dictionary are recorded and deployed instantly.

Can I make my own corrections?

You can add your own corrections to catch common mistakes, or set Lingofy to use a specific selection when alternative spellings exist.

How long will the beta last?

The beta program is slated to run for 3-6 months.

Can I share my entries and other information  on Facebook or other social websites?

We hope to have this feature available in a future release.

Are there resources available if I have a question about how to install the software or edit my dictionary?

Questions about installation or how to use the system can be sent to

How do I uninstall Lingofy?

On Windows-based computers, go to Control Panel and select “Add/Remove Programs.”