Getting started in Firefox on Mac OS X

Enable Lingofy

If you haven’t done so already, go to the Firefox menu bar and choose Tools -> Add-ons. In the ensuing screen, click Extensions.


Click Enable to enable the Lingofy extension.


Click Restart Now to relaunch Firefox. You should then see the Lingofy menu in the Firefox menu bar.

Log in

Locate the Lingofy menu in the Firefox menu bar and click Log in.


Fill in your email address and the password you were provided in the Welcome email.



Using Lingofy

You can run Lingofy at any point during the writing or editing process. Simply click on the Lingofy menu in the Firefox menu bar. Choose AP & Webster’s (proofing) … to start the session.


You may also start Lingofy by right-clicking in your text.


The proofing results will be shown in a pop-up window.


A quick tour of the results window:

The left column shows the spelling, punctuation and style errors found in the text. The right column shows Lingofy’s suggestion, identified by the resource that provided the suggestion:

  • The AP Stylebook
  • Webster’s New World Dictionary Fourth Edition
  • Your Personal Style Guide

The warning icon indicates a Warning Word. Examples of Warning Words include profanity and clichés. You can read more about Warning Words here.


If a term is not found in any of the reference guides, it is shown in the Results Window as an Unknown term. Read more about Unknown Terms here. You can read more about handling Unknown Words here.


To accept all of Lingofy’s suggestions, click the checkbox next to “All” at the top left of the window.

Or you can choose to accept each suggestion individually. Suggestions that are checked will be changed in your text when you click Accept. Suggestions that are not checked will not be changed.

If you want to change a term from within the Lingofy window, simply double-click the suggestion or, in the case of a Warning or an Unknown, the empty space where the suggestion would be, and type the new entry. Click Enter when you’re finished.

To cancel the entire proofing session without making any changes, click Cancel.

Test drive

Try it out now; click in the text below and run Lingofy to see the results. In the ensuing pop-up, simply click Accept and follow the prompts.

You can also write or paste your own text into the box above to see how Lingofy handles it.

If Lingofy offers more than one suggestion for a particular term, the choices will be shown separated by a slash.


If you click Accept before choosing a correction, Lingofy will alert you.


Simply click on the suggestion to choose your preferred alternative.


Making Lingofy your own

Your Personal Style Guide allows you to personalize Lingofy’s results with terms, phrases and names that come up frequently in your writing but may not be covered by one of the built-in reference guides. Click here to get started.

Learn more

The following pages will help you get the most out of Lingofy: