Lingofy requires an Internet connection. If you are having trouble accessing Lingofy, your first step should be to ensure your Internet connection is working.

If you have verified that you are not having issues with the Internet (and if you’re reading this page, chances are excellent that you’re not), then read on for some possibilities:

Problem: Connection to Lingofy Server

I don’t see the Lingofy menu; all i see is “Connect to Lingofy Server.” No problem; select that.


You should then get a message verifying a successful connection to the Lingofy server.

On a really bad day, you might get a message saying that you cannot connect.

If you’re working from a place of business on a corporate network, this could indicate that Lingofy is being blocked by a corporate firewall or antivirus software. It is also important to note that the installation instructions assume that you have full administrative rights to the computer on which you are working. If connection problems ensue while you’re working on a corporate network, consult your systems administrator.

In rare instances, it could indicate a problem with the Lingofy server itself. Click here to test your connection to the Lingofy server. If you do not see the “Connection successful” page, try restarting your computer and re-attempt connecting to Lingofy. If it doesn’t, there is a possibility that the Lingofy server is temporarily out of service.

Problem: I don’t see the Lingofy menu.

Browser: Google Chrome

Are you in Incognito Mode? By default, Google Chrome disables extensions in Incognito Mode. If you want to use Lingofy in Incognito Mode, go to the Tools menu -> Settings and choose Extensions.


Is the Lingofy extension disabled? If the extension was disabled somewhere along the way, click Enable on the Extensions page to re-enable Lingofy.

Browser: Mozilla Firefox

Is the extension disabled? If the extension was disabled somewhere along the way, click Add-Ons under the Firefox menu to re-enable Lingofy.