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Updating word lists

Language reflects the world we live in – during the last decade we have been unfriended and unfollowed, then we experienced the rise of the deepfakes and recently we began making quarantinis during the coronavirus lockdown.

Lingofy’s language experts regularly monitor large amounts of text that are produced in the media and ensure that the dictionaries are updated at all times.

Updating word lists

The language reflects the world we live in

The world doesn’t stand still, it is constantly changing. New technologies and products are developed daily. Changes in the way people work and even hold meetings are changing to address the concerns in our current work environment. All of these new products, tools and behaviors get new names that lead to a stream of new concepts and words that eventually slip into everyday language. Beyond technological changes, natural disasters, climate change and even, modern-day epidemics have an impact on our vernacular.

Professional writers and editors need writing tools that adapt to these changes in language. The Lingofy proofing system does just that. Lingofy’s language experts regularly monitor large amounts of text produced by the media and ensure that our custom dictionaries are updated regularly.

Thorough analyses

New words are only added after careful evaluation, concerning correct spelling and grammatical properties. Once added, additional analysis is performed on how the system implements the corrections and how those who use it, respond to the software’s suggestions. This constant monitoring ensures the accuracy of the system and the highest quality proofing results for our subscribers.