SXSW 2016

March 11-20

  • Writing with Style

    Lingofy and The Associated Press have partnered to bring the AP Stylebook to browser-based text-editing tools for individual users.
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  • Feel the Love

    See how Lingofy keeps your reference material close at hand and allows you to add your own words and phrases to your Personal Style Guide.
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  • Ready for the Web

    You say “spell-checker,” we say “advanced text proofing.” Bring professional-grade text proofing to your favorite text editor.
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Now available in Safari

  • A+ for Accuracy

    Impress your educators with flawless text in every assignment. Lingofy proofs your text in blocks of up to 10 words at a time, it can catch errors that others miss.
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  • For your Business

    In today’s business world, written communication has never been more important. No matter the audience, accuracy matters.
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  • For Writers and Editors

    With a 24/7 publishing schedule, keeping ahead of the competition means numerous, fast-paced updates. Every minute counts. Every word matters.
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