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Lina Trondskog. Foto.

“I use Lingofy almost daily to double-check spelling, punctuation and careless errors.”

Lina Trondskog
Campaigns and Content Manager
Idium 1881 AS

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Learn from a Lingofy user

We recently interviewed Lina Trondskog, who regularly uses Lingofy to proof her content. Lina is a manager at Idium 1881, where she oversees a team that generates a great deal of text.

Can you tell us a little about how you use Lingofy?

I use Lingofy almost daily to double-check spelling, punctuation and careless errors, she says.

Idium has many content producers in her division that primarily use the web version of Lingofy to check their text.

Lina says one advantage of using Lingofy is that it actually shows you the correct way to write — allowing her to become aware of the errors she makes on a regular basis. This helps her avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Extra security

In the beginning we experienced many “A-Ha!” moments. Even though we are confident in our spelling and grammar. We are becoming aware of the many errors our staff makes and helps us remember them the next time. Today she uses Lingofy as an additional safety measure to ensure everything is correct.

Saves time

Lina uses Lingofy as a supplemental tool in Google Docs and is very satisfied with it.

I have used Lingofy as an Add-on tool in Google Docs for nearly two years, and it functions incredibly well. I find all the careless errors and misspellings in just a few seconds.

She says that they are now moving to Office 365, so she is very happy that this solution will also be available there.

Even though we always proofread each other’s content before sending them to customers, we know Lingofy will provide that final step in quality control. In cases where large documents, with major changes are corrected in the first proofing round, Lingofy saves time, Lina says. They simply run everything through Lingofy and don’t need to do another proofing session. One run though Lingofy and they know the content is free of errors.

What do you appreciate most?

One of the things Lina appreciates most about Lingofy is that the program also suggests synonyms, corrects punctuation errors and notices when she uses “stilted” language — something few Idium customers like.