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How it works


Professional tools for today

Lingofy is designed to meet the modern-day challenges content creators face daily. Accuracy and clarity are paramount, but you also want to keep your brand and voice. Lingofy brings together all the tools necessary to give you confidence in your writing.

More than a dictionary

Whether you’re writing a press release or a sports piece, our proofing system allows one-stop access to multiple dictionary and style resources. Now you can feel confident that your content adheres to your preferred spelling and style.


Work and share in the cloud

Lingofy’s centralized proofing engine ensures that your content is always proofed against the most up-to-date dictionaries and style guides. Lingofy’s presence in the cloud allows you to proof on the go, and set and share style rules with multiple users.

Where you need it

Everyone has their own preference for writing tools, and we don’t think software should confine you to only one option. Lingofy works with just about any text editor where and when you need it. Proof your content from the comfort of your own devices and preferred applications.


Consistent company style

Maintaining a consistent style of writing among employees can be challenging. Whether your employees number 2 or 2000, Lingofy helps maintain a single voice throughout all communication.

Your virtual proofreader

A second set of eyes isn’t a luxury for professionals, it’s a requirement. Proofing your own copy on a tight deadline is a surefire way to miss errors and potentially damage your reputation. Let Lingofy be your virtual proofreader ensuring error-free, consistent content.


Easy integration in your CMS

In addition to supporting proofing in multiple programs and browsers, our developers have crafted an API that will let your tech staff integrate our trusted and tested proofing tools into your favorite content management system.

Ready to supercharge your team?

Lingofy - how it works

It is easy to get started. Just choose your preferred dictionary or style guide, register and install our Lingofy plugin into your favorite tools. Start building your auxiliary dictionary today and share with your team.